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Baked Goods is a 5­-piece jam band originating in Merrick, New York. Their style has been compared to artists like the Dave Matthews Band while still creatively maintaining a sound all their own. Their combination of jazz, funk, and rock and roll is a recipe for a unique sound which Baked Goods delivers in each song.

Asa Daniels, in charge of lead vocals and acoustic guitar, is the band’s chief songwriter. Cory Azmon rounds out the sound on the bass, combining funk, rock, and classical training all in one. Dan Janis lays down jazzy solos and catchy melodies on the Tenor Sax. Josh Hyman fills in the gaps with his raunchy yet powerful electric guitar sounds. Finally, the phenomenal Glenn Chiarello rounds off the group on the drums.

In July, 2014, Baked Goods recorded their second full­-length studio album. The album, entitled “One of Those Things,” was engineered and co-­produced by James Meslin at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove, NY. The creative process was also overseen by Richie Cannata. Baked Goods consistently offers new material, and even some of their unrecorded material has become favorite staples among the crowd. Baked Goods is an up and coming musical group with a bright future, composed of some of the most well-­rounded musical talent this generation’s youth has to offer.

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24th of August 2015 06:10 PM Link
This one takes us waaaaaay back to freshman year of high school as we wish our lead singer (and dog whisperer) Asa Daniels a very happy birthday!!

Look out for more gig announcements and news in the coming weeks right here and on www.bakedgoodsofficial.com
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23rd of August 2015 06:36 PM Link
While we know y'all already have the music from soundcloud, bandcamp or our website (bakedgoodsofficial.com), check out One of Those Things on iTunes and be so kind to write us a review! We don't care if you download music for free, but take a minute and write us a review so other folk can hear the album too!

We got free BG koozies to give away to those with the best reviews -- points for making us laugh!

16th of August 2015 03:12 PM
Every negative review we get is like a chip in the rock that is this band. Radio stations and magazines and blogs will chip away at us for as long as we continue making music. And they'll keep chipping until the rock is gone and what's left is a beautiful, shiny diamond that was underneath the whole time. So keep chipping away -- it only makes us stronger! #BGPower #PF
9th of August 2015 10:40 AM Link
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8th of August 2015 01:08 PM Link
Still awed by all the love we got at Musikfest!! We always have such a great time there and it's always a pleasure -- especially when the night ends with some delicious Aw Shucks Roasted Corn!
If anybody has pictures, video or recordings of the set, shoot us a message or tweet it (@GoodsBaked) or tag us on instagram (@bakedgoodsband)

Also, check us out on the front page of the Jammerzine site!
http://jammerzine.com/daily-dose-baked-goods-lwi/ They're currently streaming our track, LWI, from our album #OneOfThoseThings -- get it on our website (bakedgoodsofficial.com) or on iTunes and Spotify!
7th of August 2015 09:46 PM Link
We had such a blast at #Musikfest!! We had the privilege of kicking off the whole festival with the first performance after opening ceremonies. Our second year at the fest was a huge success thanks to everyone who stayed and enjoyed the music with us!!!

A note from our saxophonist Dan: I want to extend a special message to the family of Eric Potts. Eric, a huge Dave Matthews fan, lost his life in February, and tonight we met his wife and son. Mrs. Potts requested we play a DMB song for her husband, and we were fortunate enough to have my favorite song, " #41 " in our repertoire. Her reaction and tearful thanks all but solidified my choice to become a professional musician. There is no other way than music to reach a complete stranger and touch their hearts so deeply. Tonight was a special performance for us, and for the Potts family. From one Dave superfan to another, rest in peace, Eric.
- Dan Janis
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