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Band Bio

Baked Goods is a 5­piece jam band originating in Merrick, New York. Their style has been compared to artists like the Dave Matthews Band while still creatively maintaining a sound all their own. Their combination of jazz, funk, and rock and roll is a recipe for a unique sound which Baked Goods delivers in each song. Asa Lieberman, in charge of lead vocals and acoustic guitar, is the band’s chief songwriter. Cory Azmon rounds out the sound on the bass, combining funk, rock, and classical training all in one. Dan Janis lays down jazzy solos and catchy melodies on the Tenor Sax. Josh Hyman fills in the gaps with his raunchy yet powerful electric guitar sounds. Finally, the phenomenal Glenn Chiarello rounds off the group on the drums.

In July, 2014, Baked Goods recorded their second full­length studio album. The album, entitled “One of Those Things,” was engineered and co­produced by James Meslin at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove, NY. The creative process was also overseen by Richie Cannata. Baked Goods consistently offers new material, and even some of their unrecorded material has become favorite staples among the crowd. Baked Goods is an up and coming musical group with a bright future, composed of some of the most well­rounded musical talent this generation's youth has to offer.

Upcoming Shows

Band Members

Cory on bass guitar, Dan on saxophone, Glenn on drums, Asa on acoustic guitar, and Josh on electric guitar